Monday, November 06, 2006

okay, this is for the birds...

and I don't mean you, Sis.

We changed the levels on one of my meds as I was feeling better yesterday and today was just blech!!

However, in an effort to find a cheery something, I'll tell you the good things:

  • I was able to put Babs and my coffees on my tab at Tazza!
  • I was able to spend time with her and limpet (I mean Terzo) which was really nice.
  • By the grace of God (so not kidding) I saved $700 when the officer gave me a warning. Let's see, missed a stop sign, hadn't signed my registration--go check yours, I'll wait, expired insurance card in the car (that is worth $382 right there!) Oh, and I was going 45 on a residential 25 mph road. Do you think it was the tears that got him?
  • Watched Prairie Home Companion the movie: if you are not feeling tip top, I would not recommend this flick--it is not a barrel of laughs, and like all Bob Altman pictures, it moved slower than molasses. Which I can do some days, but not today. I did finish watching it though, and it does not (as most DVDs do) go through the stupid menu music until you finally shut the DVD player off. So there's that going for it.
  • Lost my hat last night, bought a new copy at Target this afternoon, along with Jen Weiner's Little Earthquakes. Have no idea what tomorrow will be like--the only other time I worked the polls was the primaries a few years ago and primaries don't really bring in the crowds if you know what I mean.
  • People keep RSVPing for the birthday bonanza coming up--dear internets, I wish you could come too...
  • Ugh.
  • Ugh.
  • Ugh.
  • In other news, Ugh.
  • ....UGH.
Oh, but my tickets to go to Myrtle Beach are here! Here's me, thinking they're e-tickets and when I came home there was a door tag from FedEx. Since I won't be home all week, I get to drive dahn to the Strip (yes, sir, that's what it's called) to pick them up. So I guess that's a silver lining in all this...ugh.

Oh, and another good thing: Studio 60 is on tonight!!

Guess I'll go see what's for dinner...

Dinner is mac and cheese--yum. And while my mom just got a call from Bill Clinton, all I got was Ed Rendell (our current gov'ner, up for re-election)--thank goodness for Caller ID. Hillary called a few weeks ago when I was sick.


Paula said...

I just watched Prairie Home Companion Saturday night. I was a little lost about the need for the angel but I liked the likker line.

Amy said...

Did I somehow miss Studio 60 last week or was it not on? I have it taped from last night so I can watch it tomorrow (I know, I'm weird that way). I love that show!

P.S. My vote is cast!

Sarah Louise said...

I think Studio 60 was not on last week b/c when I went to find the Internet Re-play, there was none. Yes, I have not figured out my VCR yet...or rather, I did once, but I haven't mastered it.

Last night, the masks were off. This show is about the culture wars and they are not going to hold any punches. This is good hard stuff and I am very excited!