Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Overheard at a Mary Kay Open House...

First woman: Have you met X? He's so cute!
Second woman: So date him!
First woman: no, he's too young.
Second woman: So?
First woman: Well, I've actually decided that since I've been through so much crap, I need a guy who has been through some crap in his life too.
Second woman: So you want a man with baggage?
First woman: No, I want a man who HAD baggage, and got rid of it.
Second woman: Ah...

Oh my pretties, I bought the cutest stuff--pictures, later, when it's actually DAYLIGHT or something. Off I go to be a poll worker--woo hoo! (I am getting paid well, you understand, or I would not be awake at 5:58...)


wilsonian said...

Second Woman knows where it's at!

Sarah Louise said...

Isn't that hysterical? I can't write stuff like this--truth is stranger than fiction!