Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sarah Louise's Traveling Tips for Air Travel

Well, the first stop is of course a google search.

I have my quart size bags, but what to do with my contact solution...which is not packaged in a 3 oz. bottle.

A few things I found:

Article from the San Diego paper

TSA Blog--the fact that they have one tells me we are not in Kansas anymore, baby. There's a new catchphrase that has to do with security: 311:
  • 3 oz bottles
  • 1 quart size bag
  • 1 per passenger

An interesting website:, which offers free info and also sells toiletries with a free ziploc bag!

Hefty's website leads me to believe that quart size is not enough, the requirement is also zip-top.

More later....


Katy said...

you can get travel size bottles of contact solution. And yes, I do think that it has to be a zip-top bag. But really, toiletries should be in a zip bag anyway.

Sarah Louise said...

Where can I get travel size bottles?

Yum, I get to invest in another bag of ziplock bags, because honestly, the ziptop thing didn't occur to me though it makes total sense.

Katy said...

I think that my bottle of travel size contact solution was Renu... white bottle with a blue label... one of those with the cap attached to the bottle, so you can't lose it.

Sarah Louise said...

Okay, so the authorities have spoken: just plain ziplock is fine, it does not have to have an actual zipper (which the Hefty bag in the blog does.) So phew, one less thing I have to purchase for my trip! I think I already have teeny tiny toothpaste...