Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to me! (updated, with more links!)

My mama loves me! I was in that "I had a bad dream I don't want to get up" place, forgetting completely what today is (today is the one day I'm not having lunch with anyone) and the phone rings. My mama loves me so much that even though she hates people using the phone when they're driving, she did, so that she could wish me a happy day. (Smile.)

I also got e-cards from BJ and Lauren. Lauren's had a hippo and two frogs singing, which is appropriate, since in our family a full birthday sing is in three languages (at least): English, Portuguese and Polish.

Sto Lat, Sto Lat... (It means 100 years in Polish and is sung at any happy occasion--like when they brought Lech Walesa in as president.)

8:11 am--my father just emailed me (so typical!) a link to the wikipedia entry for today. Apparently November 28, 1959 is a pretty big day for the town in Argentina named Veintiocho de Noviembre.

2:16 pm--The entire SL clan has now wished me a happy day. Also, instead of Thursday, Sally and I went to lunch TODAY at Mad Mex. At work, I've gotten all kinds of cards. And a mystery: I Inter-Library-Loaned a book that is a Junior League Cookbook from Atlanta? I have no recollection of requesting this book...

Also, Happy Birthday to Jon Stewart, Nancy Reagan, and Gary Hart, among others.

Enjoy the pics.


Badger said...


Will have to come back to actually read -- gotta take the kids to school!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the pics above, too!

alyssa said...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine is this coming Sunday. We are close!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday!

Erin said...

Glad it was full :)
Praying that your dreams are filled ;)

MsCellania said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Belated, sadly) SL!

Love the photos.
Have to catch up on the blog.
Having a party for 10 preschoolers and 6 teachers tomorrow.