Wednesday, November 29, 2006

OCLC: Oh, Can Libraries Catalog?

Okay, by now, if you've been reading here awhile, you understand me to be a special kind of geek: the librarian geek.

So I just found the coolest thing that had me mesmerized until I realized I must share it, because surely there is at least one other librarian geek who will think this is the cat's meow or the cat's pajamas, or better than sliced bread...

It's called "Watch Worldcat Grow." OCLC is the largest cataloguing cooperative in the world. They have something called WorldCat, which is online access to their catalog records and often a way for you to find a book in a nearby library through the magic that is Google. (Reserve your anti-Google sentiments for another post--no one's perfect!)


MsCellania said...

Oh La La! Cool!

Alice said...

Thanks Sarah Louise! Glad you like it. Me, too.