Monday, November 27, 2006's always ourselves we find in the sea

(e.e. cummings, "maggie and milly and molly and may")

My dad called this a three bit dollar. I've as of yet not found a whole dollar on the beach, though my aunt has.

"She's his lobster..." (my sister will maybe be the only person that understands this inside joke)

The ocean at sunrise, near Pawley's Island, South Carolina.

I'm still learning how to use different settings on this camera, but small you can't see how out of focus it is (I hope.) Waves.

Another sunrise picture.

We went kayaking. I did not take my camera along. I ended up in the reeds, a lot!

The Marsh. I asked two guys at church last night if they'd seen Dawson's Creek, ever, and they both said, never! (Not sure I believe them...) Anyways, if you've seen that show, that's what my aunt's marsh looks like. I like the houses in the distance--I do not like being in the middle of nowhere. But for my mother, nature lover, it took awhile to get over the houses in the distance.

We love sea turtles in the SL household. Someday I'll tell you the story about why.

Happy Online Shopping Monday! (click on the link--you won't be disappointed!)


daysgoby said...

Gorgeous pictures!
I'm so glad you're back!

And that's a Friends reference, no?

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, it is. My sister loves that quote.

Amy said...

I've heard the lobster line but I couldn't place it. Gorgeous pictures!

Paula said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Especially the chairs.

Sis said...

Beautiful pictures!
Yes...I love that of the many brilliant Phoebe-isms.
It was great Thanksgiving wasn't it?
I loved getting to see you-thanks for the walk on the beach. =)

Nick & Lauren said...

What a beautiful, peaceful way to spend Thanksgiving! The pictures of the chairs, and kayaks and ocean made me feel like I was there and I can smell the salt in the air.

And how could anyone have NEVER seen Dawson's Creek?? Love it or hate it, it's iconic.

Sarah Louise said...

Sis--It was my absolute pleasure to walk with you on the beach--here's to many years of Myrtle Beach!!

Funny, too, the chairs picture wasn't one I thought everyone would love, but it is nice, isn't it? My camera wanted to die on me so I used the magic of static electricity to charge back my waning batteries (I got the black screen that says "Change your batteries"). I'm so glad I took the special effort, y'know, cuz yins are worth it.

Okay, today is just the day where I love everything and everybody!!