Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogging... this thing I used to love. And now I find it kind of abhorent. I thought it was a way to make connections, and I have and make friends, and I have. But I have lost them, too. This has been a hard year, 2006. I will be glad to greet the new year.

My favorite movie used to be You've Got Mail, until I had a friendship with a man via email that ultimately was unhealthy for me.

This morning my stomach is still sour.

Strength and dignity clothe her and she laughs at the time to come. --Proverbs 31:25

Book I'm reading right now: Blue Like Jazz

Music I'm listening to: Dave Crowder Band


Paula said...

I have been struggling with the blog for a couple of months now. I think I have finally given myself permission to post as sporadically as I want to, but then I remembered I signed up for the NaBlowhatever and decided to follow through with it. So, who knows what kind of crap I'll be coming up with this month;).

Amy said...

Just do it for you, not for anyone else. Blogging to me is cathartic and has allowed me to capture some funny little moments within my family and my daily life that I might have otherwise have forgotten about.

I, for one, enjoy reading your blog. No matter what you have to say (or not say!)

Enjoy your Thursday! (And 13 going on 30 was such a cute movie, and I'm not a "cute movie" kind of a girl!)

Sarah Louise said...


Badger said...

Wait, what? Why do you hate it now? What happened? Was someone mean to you? Do I have to come up there and kick some ass? Because I WILL.

Sarah Louise said...

No, noone was mean to me--I'm just in a funk.

Amy A. said...

I'm sorry you are not enjoying your blogging anymore. I think we all go through phases of liking something a whole lot and then getting tired of it.

I love 'seeing' you everyday, though, so I hope you don't toss it all away.


MsCellania said...

Oh, you've caught what I had. The Blogging Blues. Then I got the Blogging Blahs. Was boring myself with my meh postings. So I took a break. Not sure I'm 'back' yet, or if I'll ever be the enthusiastic weblogger I've been in the past.
I always read you, SL, even if there's no comment. I got the comment blahs, too!