Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Maybe all of today's posts will make up for the day I missed?

As if NaBloPoMo rules my blogging...

So. Today was a surprise in many ways. Good ones, though:

  • Got an email from a friend far far away.
  • Saw Sally too briefly as I was running late, but boy is Zack huge! He's three, now?
  • Had a glowing end of the year review from my boss in Children's. And the go-ahead for the secret mission--more on that later...
  • Made plans to see Babette's Feast Saturday BEFORE I got the email announcing a huge event at the UP. I need just a quiet night, which the UP event will not be.
  • Kelly is still nursing her broken heart (they dated for two years and they still work together--she was not a happy camper.) But we had cheap good food at IKEA (lingonberry juice, YUM) and she had a coupon for buy one get one free at Cold Stone.
  • My parents (go figure!) sent me a birthday card with a check for thirty five dollars and thirty five cents. The kooks! I don't think I've gotten birthday money from them for a long long time.
  • Put in the CD-ROM order. If you caught the drama, I thought the money was spent but it was just encumbered--an accounting term I do not understand. Anyways, I spent about $1200 in electronic reasources for the library's juvenile CD-ROM collection, WOO HOO!
And that is all. My bed is calling my name--yes, I've moved from the sofa to the bed, another happy transition.


sis said...

i love meals at ikea. i must have missed their lingonberry juice tho! congrats on your spending and your glowing year end review! :-)


Carolyn said...

Hooray for kudos at work!