Friday, November 10, 2006

It's 10:50, do you know where your brains are?

Okay, you know I RARELY if ever mention Britney on this blog, but this headline had me cackling: Britney's First Husband Calls Kevin an Idiot. First husband? Y'mean the one she was married to for 2 days?

Oh, and at the grocery store...Did Katie Couric get fired? And aren't the Witherspoon-Phillips getting mudslingy? The cover of one magazine: Reese, my story. The cover of some other magazine: Ryan, my story. Egads. Can we go back to worrying about Tom Cruise's baby and whether or not Jen and Vince are engaged, PLEASE????

In order so's to not have to TOUCH the poster until Monday, I stayed at work until the library closed at nine. (I had dinner at Taco Bell around 6:45, continuing to read Little Earthquakes, which I quite like.) I still wanted to clock certain people on sight, but I was able to control these impulses and drive safely to Walgreens in East Lib to purchase contact solution and lots of pop for ze part-ay!

Oh, also at Walgreens, I bought quart size bags (dude--you gotta have them if you're going to fly!) and orange nail polish that I'm pretty sure matches these lovely shoes....

Fun, no? I can't wait for summer (and you almost never hear ME say that!)


MsCellania said...

I like the sox.

I love the shoes.


Sarah Louise said...


of course not,

but baby it's cold outside!

I actually had someone compliment me on my socks and shoes (not this combo, I promise!)

Paula said...

Cute shoes, cute socks, and I've seen worse together on purpose.

Amy A. said...

pretty shoes. The polish looks like a good match from here.

blonde71274 said...

I love people who aren't afraid to put that stuff together. I love the shoes! Orange is my favorite color.

sis said...

i love the shoes and the socks, together and separately!! :-)

sistahe (