Monday, November 06, 2006

words that look like other words AND make sure you vote tomorrow Nov 7 if you live in the United States of America!!

McRib, for instance. McD's just has uppercase letters for their outside advertising, so it looks like this: MCRIB. And I see M Crib. It cracks me up.

Also, VOTESPA. It's the website for Votes Pennsylvania (Votes PA) but whenever I see it, I giggle as I think about how voting at the polls could be like a spa.

A few websites to learn about candidates in your area:

don't it's run by AARP, with the tagline: don't vote until you know where the candidates stand on the issues. It has a map so you can target your state and then you can find your state district by entering your address in a pop-up. (I say this because my pop-up blocker blocked it the first time.) It has articles from local newspapers about the candidates running in your town or city.

votespa: if you live in Pennsylvania, this gives information about the new voting machines. It doesn't give info on the candidates. And there's nothing about spas either. Darn!

Reader's Digest: Get Vote-Ready! Their tagline is, "Fed up with partisan battles and crooked deals in Washington? Then get off your duff on Election Day." They have links to the websites for the Congress, the Senate, and Citizens for Government Waste. You also can read articles on voting and our government.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Voter and Election Information: granted, most of this information is for folks living in Allegheny County, but scroll down for the national stuff. This is run by Capital Advantage, with information on the U.S. Congress.

National Environmental Scorecard: This site eventually gets you to seeing how folks are voting for cleaner air, etc. in your state. It's a lot of clicking, but if you're diligent, you'll get there. You can do it!!

Project Vote Smart: Enter your 9 digit zip code and find out exactly who will be on your ballot.

I'm sure there are tons of other sites, but these are the ones I found. I don't care who you vote for (since I don't know who you are--lurkers!) but go out and make your voice heard.

Remember, it's a free country, which means you can vote for whoever you like and you don't have to tell anyone who you voted for!



Epiphany Alone said...

The McRib one made me recall the first time I heard about Wyeth's site for women going through menopause. It's "Know menopause", but of course not looking at the TV, I heard "No menopause!"

I checked out the AARP site after seeing an ad for it on the news yesterday morning. I didn't think it was very helpful. I expected more actual information on the site...

Amy said...

thanks for the links! I've been reading and researching and still feel like I need more information so I'm going to check out a couple of them!!

Carolyn said...

Wow,you're organized. Thanks.