Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pictures, more and more pictures... (updated)

At last, the birthday pictures. I didn't take any at the party, but these were taken the day after.

The vase from Kristen. Isn't it gorgeous? The flowers are from another guest.

More flowers.

A close-up on the gerbera daisies, one of my favorite flowers.

The cards!

Ribbons, I love ribbons!

The cake. My piece fell off my plate and onto my beautiful green nylons...giggle! And yes, there was no icing for a "Happy Birthday Sarah Louise" so my ingenious guests used magnetic letters (courtesy Babs and her boys) to spell out my name on the cake.

So, this is so that tomorrow I can give you the beach pix. NaBloPoMo is almost over...I missed one day, but hey, it's been fun!

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Amy A. said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy birthday, again.