Thursday, November 09, 2006

In which Sarah Louise figures out one more thing on Blogger... to have my yahoo! email on my profile not my gmail account. I rarely read my gmail accounts (I now have two.) So ALWAYS if you want me to read it (and I check email pretty regularly as I work on them all day) make sure the address is a yahoo! one!


(btw, this was not an intuitive thing to fix.)

This, on the day when my work email gave me a message on Monday, Tuesday and today saying "Your email is closed." And I had three people: my immediate boss (wrote a note), my boss boss (library director, stopped by to tell me), and my district representative (called me on the phone) tell me my email was closed. Thanks, I knew that, and am working on it right now. Oh, internets, I need food. Otherwise I may bite someone's head off!!


sis said...

i just stumbled into your blog (via two other blog links), the pink sneakers hooked me. i have a similar theme (shoes) and template on my blog.
so here is me, not lurking but waving :)

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks! When I first read your comment in my email I thought, my sister (who often signs herself as "sis") does not have a blog...

Welcome and thanks for waving!

tbirdonawire said...

Hi! Found you through NaBloPoMo.

I'm located not too far from you, a little south.

My daughter LOVES books and I'll probably find a way to get her volunteering in our local library in the summer. She'll be 14 in December.

Congrats on figuring out your email profile issue!