Monday, November 13, 2006

Handle me with care

Been beat up and battered 'round
Been sent up, and I've been shot down
You're the best thing that I've ever found
Handle me with care

(lyrics by Roy Orbison, sung by an 80s band, the Travelling Willburys)'s this whole NaBloPoMo thing. Badger's been doing lyrics, I've been procrastinating on adding the do-hickey to my blog (I know how to do it, it's just not my favorite thing to mess with, I'd rather write.) I've been getting some new visitors and new commenters (YAY for de-lurking!) and so last night I tried the NaBloPoMo randomizer. I found five blogs I'll probably return to, and I've found a new favorite blog because it has this amazing soundtrack. The Turning Point, written by Carol (another Pittsburgher) has this amazing thing where you can listen to music. I haven't figured the technical part yet (see above) but I'm listening right now.

So this is a hodge podge post as I wait for my coffee call from Babs. (Coffee, yay!)

Yesterday I mentioned the Paul McCarthy/Wings/Beatles joke. I guess my version would be, oh yeah, I loved Tom Petty's work in the TW. That's when you get blank stares from the eighties babies who know ALL about the Talking Heads and think they're SO into music. (Yes, I'm referring to my baby brother here. Although he might know of the TW's cause he IS that hip.) I mean, I was never into what is that band, the one that sings the Rhapsody song...wait for it...Queen! But my sibs (both born in 1982) are so into Queen and my cousin and I (late 60s and early 70s, respectively born) are like, we were never into them. Well, we were like YOUNG when they were in their hey-dey that's why.

Oh yeah, this is so hodge podge but hey, you'll get that.

So back to Carol. One of the songs on her playlist is Trisha Yearwood's "I would have loved you anyways" which is very much like Garth Brooks' song "The Dance," basically, even though we broke each other's heart, it was worth it. And as a woman who has broken and been broken, I wonder about this. Would I? And am I stupid enough to do it again?

I'm listening to the audio version of Good to Great. Jim Collins is my hero. And one of the things he talks about is how if a company has their ducks in a row (he calls them Hedgehog Concepts) they will ruin themselves from indigestion of good ideas rather than die of starvation. He repeats it. A great company will kill itself from indigestion of good ideas rather than die of starvation. I need to get a paper copy of this book so that I can ACTUALLY quote the guy. So I've thought about this, and how many good ideas are in my life and what would happen if I pursued them all. I would go crazy, that's what!

There is this one idea, though, that is just so tempting...I keep it in the closet of my mind, like a pretty dress that you take out every once in a while--if only you had a place to wear it. But it's too fancy for work, or coffee, or your life. But it was too pretty to leave at the store. I try to justify this idea and I can't reconcile it. I discuss it with friends and they can't justify it either. But it's such a pretty dress, so I put it back in the closet and wait for the right time to bring it out, may that day come.

(Actually, now that I've put it down on paper I see that there are at least three ideas like this in my mind right now, which makes me feel better. And it makes me so glad that I don't have to make any decisions today.)

I'm really digging Carol's playlist. Leonard Cohen is singing "Suzanne" right now and in the time that it took me to find that link now it's Bob Dylan. My brother saw BD in concert recently and said it was the best concert he'd been to. Or the best concert he'd been to in a while? Anyways, he liked it. And to boot, he ran into a girl he went to college with.

Pause...the music stopped, now it is...the Allman Brothers.

And that, dear friends, is not the music, but the tinkling of my cell phone, so I must bid you adieu!


Paula said...

That idea you have? You should listen carefully to whatever your voice is saying to you. All your answers are there. For now or for later.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks. Right now I'm just living in the questions until I live into the answers.