Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sarah Louise Goes Dahntahn, Part 1

Oh my goodness! I left my house at 9 am and I only just now got home. ACK! and I have nothing for breakfast in the house...

The poster session went great. Even though I dislike the word cute, I have to agree that that it is the key word for the SAS (Stuffed Animal Sleepover) so I just agreed cheerfully as each AND EVERY person said, what a cute idea!

I think it was one of the pinacles of my professional career. I even wore lipstick, and foundation, and blush and mascara today. And matching shoes with matching stockings (both black).

THEN this evening, I got to go hear Rachel Simon speak on her book Riding the bus with my sister, which you all must have to go read, NOW. (Well, I guess it can wait til morning.) More on that when I have more than one brain cell to rub together...

Let's see, I went to the dahntahn Fox Books, which is closing on Dec 30. I got to see Matt, Joe, and Gary. How bittersweet to see them--just as they are a little more than a month from losing the store...I wandered around the store and there are so many memories...

Oh, and I got to ride public transit, one of my favorite things!! Traveling while reading--how I love mass transit! (Yes, still Little Earthquakes...loving it!)

Well, I'd be more poetic n'at but I have to get up in the morning and do Mother Goose back to back tomorrow which means I gotta go to bed, like NOW. Exhaustion, thy name is Sary Lou.

So...part of what yesterday's cryptic post was about is a friend and something that happened that could really jeopardize our continuing to be friends. So I have to talk to her later this week. Since y'all were so kind in wishing me luck on the poster session, wish me luck as I muddle throught this one. UGH. Luckily, the session I attended this morning was on mediation and active listening and having difficult conversations, either with strangers, co-workers, etc.

How's that go? When the student is ready, the teacher appears?

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (oh sorry. I'll wait to sleep until after I hit publish!)


Amy A. said...

Good news about your work! Feels nice to have someone tell you you've done good.

Hope your friend conversation goes well, too.

Nick & Lauren Burdette said...

A stuffed animal sleepover? That sounds incredible!

How did you feel wearing the make-up? My turning-25 resolution was to wear make-up (it seems a grownup thing to do), and I'm still getting used to it.

Lastly, I'm impressed you can read on public transit. I LOVE not having to drive, but I can only read on trains. Buses don't sit too well with me.