Monday, November 27, 2006

Bah humbug!

There will be no posts concerning the birth of Jesus until AFTER my own birthday, thank you very much.

That is all.


Nick & Lauren said...


Hope you have a very special day celebrating YOU. And milk it for all it's worth :-). You would fit in well in my family - my sister and I both have birthdays in October, and so have officially declared it Birthday Month. I am someone who shamelessly writes a reminder in friends' day planners and calendars.

Sarah Louise said...

In our house, it's affectionately called the birthday/Christmas season: Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then wait til mid December, my brother's birthday--wait five days, then Christmas. New Years, plus three days and it's my sister's day! This year is special for my sister because she's turning 25!! (Which I can hardly believe...)

oh--part of my vw was Joy.