Sunday, October 22, 2006

things I want (cuz we are living in a material world and I am a material girl...)


I want a CD player in my car. And I want to make sure my favorite audio books are available on CD: The Nanny Diaries, Jacob Have I loved, The Last Lessons of Summer.

I want Johnny Cash reading the Bible. (on CD, I guess, if I get a CD player in the car.)

I want a bike. But I feel like I need expertise in this field and so when I saw two bikes for ~8 bucks at Goodwill on Friday I didn't jump, esp. since I was there to buy pants. (I seem to do better at shopping when I go for a specific item.) (I scored 4 pairs--1 Bill Blass, 2 Liz Claiborne and 1 pr of Faded Glory jeans.) (Retail, I'd have paid more than the 33 smackaroos that also garnered me a table runner and some random things and a bag of popcorn to snack on for the ride home.)

I want a watch like the one I lost last year around Christmas. It was a man's "camping watch" and had a sort of compass and more importantly, the reason I only buy men's watches, a second hand that was a different color than the hour and minute hands. Today my watch stopped at 10:20. I was surprised that it was 11 am when I got home from my walk to/from Tazza.

I want new shoes. I may go look for them today when I'm at the mall getting a new watch battery.

I must buy this book: The joy of doing things badly. I found it at a library in the Poconos back in August (on vackay) requested it from the library and it has been sitting in my apartment, waiting for me to read. It is FABULOUS. I will post more on it later, I promise!!

After reading LC's posts on sewing (not sewage) and PJ's post with that fabulous fabric to make an apron, I want a sewing machine. I have made shorts, high school home ec.

I go to the beach for Thanksgiving. This might actually happen. It's in negotiation between the elder Louise sisters this weekend (my mom and my aunt.)

Well, I've spent another span of time noodling on blogs, so off I go, to the mall and to see One Night with the King (about Queen Esther in the Bible.)

And of course, I want those general non-selfish things everyone wants: clarity and closure to the Bit bit bit thing, whirled peas (World Peace, I mean) and a sunny day on the day that bears its name, Sun-day. It was sunny, and I walked to Tazza and home but now it has rained and the sky is gray.


PJ said...

Making a list is always the first step in getting what I want.

Thanks for the kind words!

Amy A. said...

I only find things I want when I am shopping for things I need and therefore have no extra money for the wants. Send me to the mall with no agenda and $50, I'll come home with $45 and nothing to show for my five dollars but lunch.

Sis said...

How was the movie? I kinda want to see it.. I read something about the guy who produced it..or maybe he's the guy with all the money that owns the studio..? Anyways, I read something about him in the LA Times. And I also heard the djs discussing it on the radio station that I listen to..
Tell me if it's any good and if I would like it. =)

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, you would like it. It's based on a novel, so there's a lot of stuff that's not in the Biblical text, but it is a good movie. My only caveat is that since it was based on a novel, they forgot that a movie is only 2 hours and so there are too many plot twists and for half the movie you don't know who Haman is (in the context of the film), even though you KNOW who he is. It's a little bit Hollywood, but overall a good movie.

Sarah Louise said...


Woo hoo!!