Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What we focus on determines what we miss.

(friend of Brian McLaren)

bobbie got to hear Brian speak the other day (he's a bigwig in the Emergent scene) and this was one of the gems she gleaned. (Am I mixing my metaphors??)

Excuse me while I go WOW.

She said, I don't want to miss anything. And she meant the good stuff. I think the context was looking at Bible stories we've read and re-read. I agree that I do not want to miss anything good, I don't want to miss the blessing in the pain, the words that have Greek or Heberew meanings I'd otherwise miss if I just read the Bible like a novel.

But since I don't have the background of what she heard, just the quote, I'd like to go the other direction and talk about what I'd like to focus on so there might be some things I'd miss: (that I wouldn't mind missing)

I want to miss the boring stuff, the sordid stuff, the stuff I don't need to be focusing on. I want to miss that endless loop in my brain that tells me that what I'm doing is not enough, that I'm not enough.

Sooo, going back to an earlier post, I want to focus on lovely, that I can miss the crap.

I love being a bloggerist (that iron sharpening iron--just like the Impressionists learned by watching each other, we learn as we blog near one another.) (Which is different of course from LIFTING ENTIRE BLOGS but that is another story.)

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PJ said...

So what can you do if your (MY) entire blog is there?!

And can you prevent it from happening again?