Friday, October 13, 2006

Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek.

(Michael Constantine as Gus Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Okay, so some days I post...a lot. I can't help it that the Pens WON! Beat the Buffalo Sabres, 6-5, Woo hoo!! Although, let's pause a moment, for Buffalo, enveloped in snow. They have a driving ban. We are saddened for your loss of power--but not for the loss of the power plays!! (Whatever did I eat for breakfast?) It must be the chocolate chip cookies Sally brought in. (Yes, one of the two co-worker Sally's in my department.)

And then, I opened my work email and found this, from LIS News: a boy in Pleasant Hills raised money for a mythology center in his high school library. He is a sixteen year old autistic boy, on the honor roll. How did he raise the money? By showing My Big Fat Greek Wedding and selling his grandmother's baklava. He went before the Eagle Scout Board yesterday to see if he was granted the Eagle Status. Here's the story, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

How cool is that??

And in celebrity news, thanks to my co-worker Laura, Maggie Gyllenhaal has named her baby Ramona. How did this come up in conversation, you ask? Astute of you to wonder. I'll tell yins:

Ramona's World is the book I chose for Mother Daughter Book Club. However, it is not the book we'll be discussing. Why, you ask? Well, because, in my mind, I flipped the titles and for all the press, for all the publicity, sent out that we'd be doing Ramona Forever. I only just realized my mistake yesterday when I visited Munchkin's Bookshelf (a children's bookstore in the North Hills) and saw my bookmarks in the book, Ramona Forever. Wait, I thought. This is not the book I picked...**sigh** So I went back and saw that it was no one's fault but my own, as I checked old emails. So now I have a week to read Ramona Forever, which is plenty of time. I'll probably read it tonight--Crossing Jordan doesn't come back on air until NEXT Friday.

Oh, and in case you were keeping track: next month's Mother Daughter will be Charlotte's Web, giving me a real life work related excuse to bone up on my spider knowledge, now that they have become my fascination. Sally (yes, the chocolate chip cookie baker) is doing spiders for the "Pajama Storytime" tonight. A book I want to snag from her when she's done: Someone saw a spider: spider facts and folktales. Last week was a full moon (could you tell I went a little looney?) and she did moon stories. The moon pictures she made still festoon the children's program room.

Another reason I'm not so crazy about fall: I don't get to be around my dad, who loves to make piles of leaves for you to jump in and go va-va-voom! I could hear him in my mind every time I came upon a mini pile on my walk this morning. My mom makes leaf houses with many rooms. I'll try to find a childhood picture...

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