Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dear dear people

So I am up, now.

Serves me right for falling asleep to Bill Moyers at 9:45ish.

There is a dear woman in my Bible study right now. She is so dear to me because she married a man that I knew from a Bible study I was in right after grad school. A man that was (yes) too young for me (always robbing the cradle, that SL) and still getting his feet wet as far as his faith went. I saw him go through many a girlfriend and never liked a one. I thought it was sour grapes. But I sit next to her sometimes and when she talks about the inheritance we have in Christ, I think, he got a good one, he did. There is something so precious about that...I don't have words.

I wonder about the tests that have my name on them and wonder which ones I'll have final exams on in this fall.

I quipped to Kelly at dinner, "oh, speed dating, like when you think you're....oops, nope!" (She was comparing courting hospitals for residencies to speed dating.) The problem with me is that I take that moment of nuance, that it seems like it might be something but is really non-speed dating and then obsess about it for MONTHS, years, even, afterwards. The other party has moved on and I'm still turning over what I could have said differently.

I feel very Carrie Bradshaw-esque right about now...

Frank is crooning right now, "You make me feel so young."

I have no idea if we're doing Show and Tell this week (I missed last week) but I promise to post fall photos tomorrow morning. I have had three social scenarios for tomorrow morning and the jury isn't out on what I'm doing at noon so I have decided to hibernate and work on this garret of mine, perhaps find that pesky library book that someone has been waiting for since mid-September. Where is it???

Now Petula is singing "Don't sleep in the subway, darling" and I think it's time for a dose of Hollywood's best sleeping pill: "You've Got Mail."



Amy A. said...

I said something at a party 15 years ago, and I still mull over what I should have said. Or not should have said. The vision of the pastors wife slapping her hands over the ears of her child still haunts be to this day.

Does this help? Misery loves company, and all that.

alyssa said...

I do the same thing. I will repeat a phrase over and over and over in my head feeling like the world's biggest idiot when the other people around either didn't notice at all or have completely forgotten about it.

Sarah Louise said...

Well, I found the library book...