Friday, October 13, 2006

Stuff, n'at (n@)

So...I fell asleep with every single light on in the garret last night and woke up at 5 am. At which point I took half of the dose of meds that I normally take at bedtime. (Thank God I write under a pseudonym--I mean not that taking meds is top secret, but I wouldn't want a future employer to be reading these boring details, and then there is the stigma of psych meds.)

Anyways. So, I tried to go back to sleep, but didn't really succeed. So I blogged (prolific today?) and walked and was of course late to work. Why is it that if you wake up super early you end up late? There was a Family Circus on that, back when I still thought Family Circus was funny.

So, I've been awake since 5 a.m., am running on half my bedtime dose of meds and it's October. Oh, and I'm supposed to cut down on pop (read=soda) because I have five (count 'em) cervical cavities. That's what they're called--they're on the gumline and basically there because my meds affect my saliva and I have developed a bad habit of a mid-afternoon Coke. TMI yet?

I will be going to bed early tonight!!

So, since I've caught up with the blogs I read and also with blogs I don't always read, I decided to read Badger's archives. She started in the summer of 2004 and let me tell you, while I like the blog at the top is the most recent for current reading, it is weird to read archives that way. So I've been scrolling backwards all afternoon. (Well, since about 4:15 when I came up with this brilliant keep me awake trick.) I think one of the Blogger things they're changing after beta is storing archives chronologically as opposed to backwards chronologically. Great idea.

But it's keeping me awake. And I am smiling and occasionally laughing softly under my breath, because it is a library, even if there are children running in the puppet area screaming at the top of their lungs. (Well, there were, earlier.)

In other news, Yahoo! Mail is also available in beta, and while I like some of the new features (I haven't switched, but I read the "what's new" thing-y) it is looking very much like Microsoft Outlook, which is what I use for work. I like variety, people. I like that Yahoo! mail looks different from Outlook and that Google looks different too. I like color! I do not like small print. But apparently if you don't like Yahoo! beta you can go back. (Until when?) So, I'm in a bit of a quandry, but nothing that will keep me awake at night. (Which I could have used last night so that I could have stayed on the straight and narrow with the meds and turned off all the lights.)

Yes, I have four email accounts: 2 gmail, one for work (all my list-servs go there to die until I have a lot of time to just delete them.) and one that is now attached to my Blogger beta account. I have one for work, which I seriously was getting so much spam but it seems to be under control and I've learned how to delete the Quarentine file, so we're much happier at Chez Sarah Louise. Then I have the Yahoo! account. Which I love. It is my main mail account and I really like it. I'd love to expound on that thought and be all like "you should switch" (which you should) but the lids are getting heavy and soon it will be time to read more of Badger's archives because I'm sitting here at the Children's Reference desk for another 45 minutes. I'm up to November 28 and I just realized that maybe that is her daughter's birthday if I could do the math (she was in labor for 80 hours total.) Which is also my birthday. When I'll be 35 (we've discussed this before....)

Okay, I need to keep reading. As you were.

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