Saturday, October 21, 2006


Bitacle is starting to look like a Spanish version of Technorati...

and yes, I'm in there. It has to do with feeds.

In other news...

I'm fresh out of other news.


Jonathan said...

This is just a repost of what I said at my site on the issue:

This is important to note that Bitacle is NOT within the letter of the law.

Do a search on Technorati or Icerocket for your content. You'll find that they do not diplay your full content, just snippets of it. Bitacle, under their Aggregates feature, displays all of your content.

Though blog search engines, and regular ones, scrape your content to make it searchable they do not display all of it.

Also, Bitacle does not offer an opt out procedure, Technorati and others do. They also adhere to robots.txt, something Bitacle doesn't do.

In the end, Bitacle may not be displaying ads, thanks in large part to my and other DMCA notices to Adsense, but they are still trying to. If you sign in to an account, you'll find that Google Adsense code still appears on some of the Aggregates page. It just doesn't work.

There's nothing legitimate about Bitacle yet, they have a long way to go.

Sarah Louise said...

So now what?