Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Any book that starts in a library (Sarah Louise commences to read Possession)

Babs and Suse sing its praises, so... took me long enough, and I'm not promising this will be my only read as Nick and the Nerd (a teen romance in the 'Love Stories' series) is quite compelling and I do have all my Patriarchs homework. But I just unearthed my copy and it smells like a good book and I skimmed the first two pages...this lept off the page:

"The London Library was Roland's favorite place."

Off for my walk--I'm going east again. (I went west yesterday and that was a disaster!!)

Also, today is my first day with two sessions (back to back) of Mother Goose Storytime. Say a prayer!!


Suse said...

It's a great book. I'm quite envious of you being on the first page - I'm on the last few and stringing them out as long as I can.

(Yep, it's 9.50 pm Thursday night here, but only early Thursday morning for you ... so I can tell you what happens today if you like).

Amy said...

Possession is one of my all time favorites (so that, in the Great Giving Away of Amy's Books of 2006, it was one of the very very few that I kept!) Enjoy it!!

Sarah Louise said...

Suse--it's actually Wednesday here, but hey, let me know how Thursday goes, so far Weds is crazy!

and, I haven't even actually started, as I thought I had lunch plans today...

and MG x2 went okay. I had 50 for the first session and 9 for the second. It was nice to have an intimate group!!

Suse said...

Hey, look at that, I was a whole DAY ahead!