Saturday, October 07, 2006

Draw me close

(Kelly Carpenter)

Just finished watching In Her Shoes. Toni Collette is my new favorite actress. I think I have Muriel's Wedding somewhere.

The last day of the conference was good but exhausting. My laugh -- well, at one point Doug (we're on first name basis) had to say "She's with me" because I laughed so hysterically at this one thing. No one else thought it was funny--it was a droll joke, the kind only I seem to get.

At lunch, I went for a walk--there were no sidewalks, but I was too fragile to stick around for small talk. This not working on Saturdays can be dangerous for my inner schedule. I'm serious!!

I took some pictures. One of these days, I'll post them.

I'm a mess. Oh well. Abate is closed, so I'm off to the Elbow Room for some grub.

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