Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is where the post about how great Studio 60 was would be....

...except that I fell asleep before nine pm on the sofa. See, I was waiting until nine to call Em (when her cell minutes start)...

Whateve. It's that week, so all bets on sleeping, alcohol consumption and actual work done are off. Although, I have got to majorly boogy when it comes to the apartment redd-up for the party--oh, and the heater man didn't come. Fortunately it's not so cold.

Oh, and Happy Hallowe'en! I don't think I've really celebrated/dressed up for like three years (when I dressed up as...wait for it...the color pink!) Marian dressed up as a road--she wore black and had yellow stripes down her middle--it was classic!

Well, off for my walk.

Oh, and the dentist was fine. I mean, as fine as it could be. I get to go back for the right side of my mouth on Thursday--yum!

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Paula said...

Well, Iam relieved the dentist was fine...you never know until it's too late to do anything about it.