Friday, October 13, 2006

A bird has landed!

Can I tell you that this is so much fun, reading Badger's old stuff? Blackbird has just left her first comment.

12/29/2004 9:09 AM (It's gotta be a historic moment, dudes!)


Badger said...

I think Blackbird may have left my first comment ever, or at least my first comment ever by someone I didn't already know (I've known Diane, Joke and Poppy for AGES)(oh, and also Heidi, but she wasn't commenting much early on).

My old stuff is funnier than my new stuff. I was drinking a lot more back then. (Kidding!)

Sarah Louise said...

I'm on your "resume" post right now. I love it!

Off to read Ramona Forever. Not Ramona's World.

BabelBabe said...

reading back issues of blogs, so to speak, is one of my fav ways to kill time. not that i have tons of time that needs to be killed, but you know what i mean. I've read Bbird's, and most of Badger's and Suse's. also all of Cancer, Baby's.