Sunday, October 01, 2006

I came here to play hockey

"If you think about what could happen or what may happen, your energy's not in the right place." (Sidney Crosby, Penguin's player, in today's Post-Gazette.) See James 4:13-15 (NIV)

Well, um, yeah. When I walked down the stairs for this morning's walk, I was murky as pea soup. Today is a day of mysteries. Sundays often are: they are often the apex of my week socially. Today I have three events: StepTrek, which is walking the slopes of Sou'Side, a birthday party, and an appreciation party. Oh, and church, which is no small event. So I guess that's four.

I took some pictures:

This was how I felt this morning, as I embarked on my walk. Like a box of trash in front of a broken garage door.

Fall is coming--these vines are brown and dying.

The cracks in the pavement are like the cracks in me--

And plants can grow through the cracks in the pavement.

A veritable garden in the cracks in the pavement. A concrete garden....

This truck has been parked here so long that flowers have grown into the hubcap.

And this was the surprise! It was like getting a Valentine from God Himself.

I changed up my walking CD this morning. I'd been listening to Michael W. Smith's "Worship" album, decided I didn't want to get stuck in a rut, so I changed the CD to Kutless's album, "Strong Tower." Imagine my surprise when one of the songs was the same, "Draw Me Close." Here are some of the lyrics:

I lay it all down again
To hear You say that I'm Your friend

Okay, technical difficulties here. I just switched from Foxfire to IE and for a minute I had the italics off, but mayhap I need to work on the html...

Okay how's this?

Yes, even in blog-writing, life is a mystery.

Here's something I've noticed about Foxfire--it doesn't automatically refresh. So if I visit mah blog in Foxfire, sometimes I do a double take, wait a minute, I posted a new post, where is it? Then I hit refresh and it comes up. So, because there are things I like and (today's theme!) mysteries in both browsers, I use both. (IE and Foxfire, that is.)

Okay, waiting for the rest of the pix to download. Last week they did so super fast. This week, not so much.

Actually, I think I could do with a nap right about now...

Blogger's irregularities are part of why I haven't taken advantage of my "beta" status. That and the fact that I'd have to go and do the whole categories thing...which I'm thrilled about, but I have a feeling it will take a while. Maybe if I start small...

And wouldn't ya know, the darn pictures didn't post!! Back to Foxfire, shall we?

I really should get some grub.

So, I started this post at about 9:14 am and am posting it at 10:16 pm. It took a while to get the pictures up and in the correct sequence. I had a very eventful day that I'll detail in days to come. Here's a trend, though: the sandwich I ALWAYS get at Tazza wasn't available, so I tried a new one. The movie I wanted to watch wasn't rewound, so I watched a different one. I wanted to get a quick bite at Taco Bell after the StepTrek and before the birthday party but their credit card machine was down and I'd used all my cash at Tazza. It was a day of this is my plan, oh no, this is the real plan.

Tomorrow: rest, recuperate, laundry, and ICE SKATING at MELLON ARENA!!


PJ said...

I like your surprise valentine.

Sarah Louise said...

Me too!

wilsonian said...

Hope you were able to recuperate today :)

Carolyn said...

How was the new sandwich vs. the old one?

Sarah Louise said...

I liked the new sandwich. They should not have tomatoes more often!