Monday, October 09, 2006

Sleep, who needs sleep?

So I just spent a half hour labeling a bunch of posts, changing up the template, etc. Be impressed. Very impressed. I think my two favorite categories are "hair agony" (love lorn) (which translates into any situation where I'm sick of being single, and not any particular love that was lorn.) and "hockey" which is synonymous with ice skating for purposes of this blog. I'll probably simplify, it was very organic and will refine itself but I now have to fall into bed. I have a busy day tomorrow:

  • lunch with one of my favorite bloggers, Eileen.
  • WBS (The Patriarchs continue. Sarah died, though. Abraham weeps and pays too much to buy a gravesite.)
  • see the social worker and then the shrink. Fill out tons of paperwork. Remind me to not become bipolar in my next life...
  • work until 9 pm.
(everything is chronologically listed except for dessert -- I mean lunch.)


PJ said...

Let me know how this Beta Thing works out for you. I am suspicious in nature of technology and therefore hesitant to switch, especially since They won't let you switch back.

Amy A. said...

Just a little bloggy love in the comment box. Sounds like you've got quite a day ahead. Enjoy dessert/lunch!