Friday, September 29, 2006

Men in trees (or shrubs)

There's a new show by that name--I couldn't even watch one episode--it's supposed to be a comedy but all the people are so BITTER.

I'm talking, however, about men that have brrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (yes, chainsaws) in the back of my back yard (as in the back yard of houses opposite my back yard, so, still very much in my hearing range.)

I came home from the conference (early, as previously mentioned) and I thought, hey I could tackle some more of my apartment, or upload more books to library thing. NO. The noise was enough to drive me out of the house to go to Waterworks, the nearest strip mall with a movie theatre. I had giftage to purchase and no clues what to get (what do you get a one year old that has everything?) and I needed a movie--NOW! Since watching one at home wouldn't work and giftage is needed by Sunday, staying home was not an option.

I went to good old Fox books, spent the requisite amount, and did pretty well, I might say. More on that later, maybe, maybe not. I had already purchased my ticket for the 5:30 showing of Little Miss Sunshine, so I got the "Manager's Special" (nachos and a medium drink) for $5.50. LMS bore up quite well after the second viewing. Love that movie. It is so real, so much of what we go through every day, only they had to bundle EVERYTHING up into three days. Life, death, beauty pageants, and broken clutches (to start the VW van, they had to give it a push and running start if they weren't on a hill.)

I am definately hormonal--the mood swings are like roller coasters. Yum. Day Two will be here ANY day now... But it's too dark to cut trees now, (ah, the quiet!) so I'm going to pop in either Something's Gotta Give (Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton) or Cookie's Fortune (Robert Altman.) I've already seen CF and it is BRILLIANT, so I think I'll go for the wild card, Something's Gotta Give.

Oh, and I have the rum and coke flowing. Yes folks, it is Friday!!

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