Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update: Whew!

So I decided it's time to get that MFA in Writing. Egad. Which means I need writing samples and people to write recommends. So, two birds with one stone, I just signed up for a writing class starting Sept 18. The teacher is a woman I worked with at Fox Books, lo, eons ago. I took a class in January with her.

Also: the lacroscopic surgery is scheduled: Oct 4.

I'll need to take a week off work. Here are a few posts if you are new here: sonogram, why.

Nothing like coming back to work on your first day back, and saying, guess what, I need a week off!

Plus, the telephone tag on that could easily add up to a full day of back and forth (as they called 2x while I was on vackay).

My mother may come to stay while I recover, which has got the fire under me to clean this garret, and SOON!

But now, I must flip a load of laundry and off to work, DAY TWO. Thank you all for your encouraging words. You're golden.

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PJ said...

Going back to school is exciting!

Crossing fingers on the other.