Monday, August 14, 2006

The Family Plan and roaming, aimlessly (the writing, I mean)

So it's that time of year: the family vackay! Plus the cell phone fiasco, my brother is still on crutches, and my mom fell on 55th St while attending a cousin's baptism in NYC. Bro and Mom have doctor appts in the near future. I still don't know how I'm getting to the cottage (am I going to Virginia and then the cottage, am I taking a bus to Eastern PA and getting met?)


Life might be simpler if I drove long distances well by myself, or if I got my own cell phone plan, instead of staying on the Family Plan. (Two hours and I gotta stop for a long time. I don't want my own cell phone plan yet!!)

But life, I've discovered, is rarely simple.

So sometimes you have a conversation with your father that is more like a business meeting and you feel like you have to get all your points in there, such as:

Please can we go to The Restaurant in Hawley for their anniv, which falls on the Wednesday of vackay?
Can Sis and I take trips into town? (I am NOT a woods and lake person--I need sidewalks and shops) (I shudder to think that I may be sans Internet for a week...)

I probably won't get a phone until I get back to the family pod, at whichever geographic locale that is. My phone will probably NOT have a Pittsburgh area code, but this should be temporary. It may have a MD/DC/VA area code as Cingular changes over their markets.

Did I mention that my dad wants me to get AAA tour books for Arkansas and Oklahoma? For Christmas, from me, he is getting his OWN Triple A membership.

And while the depression IS lifting, yay! I am discovering that sometimes you need to crawl before you run.

My therapist noted that the nosedive started on June 26. So if it's been almost 2 months of nosedive, I can't expect to correct altitude overnight (enough with the airplane analogies...)

Like yesterday: I had a wonderful morning with Emily at SHAG* (I love this acronym--South Hills Assemblies of God) and then lunch, as Jules (her man) had to go spend three hours (YES, three hours) putting on clown makeup and Emily figured having lunch with me and then a nap would be more interesting. I was doing GREAT. (Relatively.) But my energy lags: last night I couldn't sit in church and so amused myself on the porch for awhile, journaling as cars drove by on Stanton Ave.

*actually, the "of God" part is my addition -- I think if they go by acronyms -- which I don't think they do, they'd go by SHA, which is a little less funny.

I wanted to RUN and go home and be by myself, but I stuck it out.

If you're good, tomorrow I'll regale you with the story of the baptism performed by a Presbyterian Lay Minister, full immersion in the Allegheny River.

One foot in front. And another. Just one step. One more. Onward. Slowly, but surely.

And it feels so crappy to not be my commenting self--I (yes, me, the one that writes comment novels) feel silenced. And I feel like my posts are pretty bland too.


Gotta go!


daysgoby said...

SL -

Someday when you are feeling back up to snuff I'd love to hear your recomendations for chapter books that will interest boys and have at least some pictures.

'Cause he's not picky or anything.

I love hearing you talk about Penn - I have family there.

Have a great time and don't miss us a bit.


Sarah Louise said...

Jess--I would love to. It's my personal mission in life to get more boys reading books. What grade?

But I will miss yins, I will! I'll try not to, though...

PJ said...

June 26th was a bad day. That's the day I ruptured my back.

Things are looking up and up and before you know it, we will all be talking about Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your vaction and keep putting that foot in front of the other. Well, alternate feet or you'll fall down, but you already knew that. I'm probably the only person who walks out of their house, falls on the sidewalk, and scrapes the side of their face:(

PJ said...

VACATION. I am a very bad speller.

Carolyn said...

I hope that soon you will be soaring with happiness. (airplane analogy for you!)

daysgoby said...

Cassidy's four. He's just starting to recognize letters (having wee bits of trouble on sorting out what letter makes what sound), but these would be ideas for books I can read to him. We've done some Dahl.

We'll still be reading when you get back! Go! Enjoy yourself!

MsCellania said...

SL, I am reading, reading every day, but not commenting.

I'm so glad you're

Hope the VaCay goes well. I used to be a woods and lake girl. Now? Give me concrete and shop fronts. Maybe some trails, but nothing I have to hack my way out of, so to speak.

And I've been doing the comment novels in your absence. Tomes, my dear. I will be glad to have you take up the slack, and by crikeys, I think you're starting up again!

Small package on it's way tomorrow!

Sarah Louise said...

Hee hee hee!! (she grins...)