Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eight things (tagged by Carolyn)

This is called posting on the road--stuff that's been waiting to be posted. I'm in a one room library in Hamlin, PA while my dad is at the grocery store.

  1. I have a signature laugh. People recognize me by it. It embarrasses my family but my friends love it.
  2. I love movies. I love them in the theatre. The summer it came out, I saw Twister over 10 times in the theatre and that's a low guesstimate.
  3. I always watch the credits. I stay until the lights come up. I'm fascinated by details like the names of the people who do stuff: gaffer, Best Boy; I like knowing where it was filmed on location; I like knowing what songs are in the soundtrack.
  4. I love soundtracks. Two favorites from this decade: Drive Me Crazy and Sliding Doors. I lost my copy of the soundtrack to Brokedown Palace. Two movies that didn't release soundtracks that I would have purchased: Wedding Bell Blues and Picture Perfect.
  5. I generally like both the movie and the book. I am fiercely loyal on this topic.
  6. I only buy pink Kleenex.
  7. I have three pairs of pink sneakers.
  8. I own at least three copies of Jane Austen's novel last novel, Persuasion.


MsCellania said...

Good to know.
How's the trip going?

PJ said...

I snort through my nose when I laugh. Yeah, people think it's very amusing. Me? Not so much. I hope you're having a good time.

yt said...

I always stay to watch all the credits as well. I will watch a favorite movie obsessively, but not in the theatre. I saw Moonstruck 6 times in one month when it was released to HBO. More recently I saw Drumline on cable four times in a week. That was not my first viewing of it, either.

BabelBabe said...

Ilike to see the credits too. I never know when I might see someone I know - I have friends in "the industry" and went to school with many more, and many movies nowadays I recognize a name. I still get esxcited.

BabelBabe said...

so excited i can't type...

Sis said...

You silly...Wedding Bell Blues does have a soundtrack.
Click on the link to IMDB and then click on the top right where it says CD. You can get them new and used from $1.49!!

BTW, nice going vacation with you!

Sarah Louise said...

My sister is a genius!! (It wasn't there before, I checked!!!)


(and yes, I have just ordered it from Amazon, along with a factory sealed VHS of the eternal spotless--whatever that movie with Jim Carey and the Titanic chick is called. LOVED it!)