Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Stuffed Animal Sleepover Post--your patience has been rewarded!

This is the first round of pix. These were taken on the library's digi so that the kids could have prints in the morning.

Everyone, under the tree--no running in the library!

Monkeying around. How many monkeys do you see? (Answer at the end)

Let's have a Boynton reading fest! Welll, Okay, just Build-a-Bears then. The others chose the Runaway Bunny and I Spy.
Sliding down the railing...

Let's have a puppet show!
OOOh, it's craft time!
Napping in the stacks...
Well, we couldn't be in the "Book" drop since we're not books, I guess we're "Other."

The correct answer to how many monkeys is 5. (Two are hugging.)

More pix to follow.

Oh, and the tags say: My name is... I belong to... I slept over at the N. Library Stuffed Animal Sleepover.


MsCellania said...

I loved it!
You had great participation. These lucky kids will remember this and cherish the photos forever.
You continue to impress me, SL.
really do
And that is rare.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks Vickee! It was a lot of work but it was worth it.

Just like June Carter Cash would say, "I'm just trying to matter."

PJ said...

It looks like they had a lot of fun!

alyssa said...

those are SO FUN!! Seriously, that really made me smiel today!

Loretta said...

I think you have a pretty cool job! Sounds and looks like lots of fun and The Princess would have had Benny Bear there, if she could ever be convinced to part with him.