Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life imitates Sex in the City, or don't try this one at home!

So, when we last left our singleton in Pittsburgh, she was going to her car to check the insurance card effective date.

Lordy, Lordy.

So I couldn't go to Abaté looking like that...unwashed hair and khaki's and a I threw on my new to me Eileen Fisher linen sleeveless dress. It is long and I love it. It has a bit of stiffness, but otherwise very nice. (Although in the light of my bathroom I have discovered stains on the front--the lighting in the changing room hid them!!)

Anyways. So I take my hardcover of Eat Cake, get a table on the patio and order the Italian Club sandwich. It comes with fries. It was very good, and so was my waitress. She had just enough cheerfulness to suggest the dessert but not too much to be clingy like the one Lilly and I had Monday.

A genuine tourist is sitting across from me (Yes, whose idea was it to sit a single woman opposite a single man at adjoining tables?) and I was getting a vibe. He came over. He said, "I'm from Hong Kong and I am doing a survey. What do American women like to read?"

I couldn't have uttered the words "Judy Blume" to save my life at that moment. I pointed to the cover of Eat Cake and said this woman is very popular. He said, "How about Patricia Cornwell?" Yes, I agreed, and added Jennifer Cruisie (though I'm not sure I've read her, but I don't think he really would have cared...)

Saved by the bell, his linguini arrived. Do you come here often, he asked? Sometimes, I replied. Maybe next time I'll ask you about more books. Okey-dokey. Off he went to eat his noodles.

I finished my sandwich, had another iced tea while waiting for the check and without making any eye contact, almost forgetting my book, I hightailed it OUT OF THERE.

It was flattering, yes, but what a relief to be in my car, out on Freeport Road, playing the radio a little too loud. That tortellini with basil, the frozen Amy's? Sounds fabulous for tomorrow's dinner. Just fine, thank you.


Sis said...

What a great story! Gosh, I wish I met tourists that way..
Send me a pic of the dress

Carolyn said...

I'm glad you remembered your book!

Sarah Louise said...

Did I not mention he was an older man? Maybe I left that out. Anyways, he was not the type of tourist I wanted to entertain.

Yes, very glad I remembered the book.

Oh look--it's vw kdjflsjfksdl.

Badger said...

Now see, if you had told him American women like to read Chuck Palahniuk, he probably would have left you alone.


Sarah Louise said...

I'll remember that for next time.