Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sarah Louise returns to her garret, with glee!

How I love vacation. My favorite part: coming home!

Haven't unpacked tho--after spending 7 days of being a daughter and sister, my apartment seemed altogether lonely. So I emailed and called and got no one!! (Well, I did talk briefly with Sis.)

So, in an effort to further procrastinate packing, I'll give a brief up to date:

  • I had two messages about my sonogram on the phone machine. Hmm, methinks they found something??
  • My WBCs are great, so I don't have to change meds.
  • The wedding (Em and Jim) is either Nov 4 or 11. I'm pulling for 11, as I won't have to switch up my scheduled children's Saturday shift.
  • I did a major part of the driving (and some of it in pea soup fog) from Hamlin, PA to Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I'll do that book blog thing-y soon.
  • I have pictures, which I'll post.
  • I am back in "it's time to get the MFA in Writing" mode. It's a limited residency thing at Carlow, 6 days in January, 6 days in June, so I could keep working!!

Am I actually tired enough to hit the sack? I slept A LOT on vackay. One night I even went to bed at 8!

More later, my dear Internets. I am so glad to be HOME!

Tidbit from my talking in my sleep last night (yes, I do this all the time, but only hear about it when I share a room with someone, as I did all week with Sis.): "But I go to church Sunday nights" (apparently, someone wanted me somewhere else Sunday evening...)

Tomorrow I'll go to church twice--in the morning with Dad, who is in a motel in Harmar and will come by 8:30ish so we can go to Tazza for Sunday brunch b4 church.



PJ said...

You sound energized and happy, welcome back!

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks! It is rare form for me to feel great after a week with the fam, but I do!

Badger said...

Yay! Welcome home! We missed you!

MsCellania said...

Welcome Home!
I love that first instance of walking through the door, suitcase in hand. HOME!
Hmmmm about the scan. Hope it's nothing. Possible - they need to do a re-scan.

Katy said...

welcome back! you are sounding great. enjoy your garret, it missed you.

Carolyn said...

I'm glad you're home.

You sound like your vacation helped a lot.