Sunday, August 06, 2006


No, I still like winter best, it's the name of a Pittsburgh band that has been touring and finally came to a venue nearby on a night I could go.

I've been getting their emails for like a year now, I somehow got signed up when HotDogma catered the food for The Things to Come conference at Bellefield.

WOW-ZA. I love live music, but here's the thing: I haven't developed friends that go will go to see bands with me. I have developed the "let's go for coffee" or "let's email" or "I'll see you at church/prayer mtg/small group." I may in fact have friends that would go see bands with me, I just have never asked. And it being a small Pittsburgh band, at least 80% of the audience were close friends/relatives of the band (I could detect that the white haired man with cotton in his ears was most likely a dad.) And besides the one band member that I sort of knew, I knew one other person, Meg, of HotDogma.

The venue was the Quiet Storm, a coffee house on Penn Ave. It opened circa 2001, and an acquaintance once pointed out which wall he was painting when he found out about 9/11. The wall is red, for what it's worth.

I got marked with a tiny X when I paid my $5 cover charge for the band. I talked to the one band member I sort of know--Ben Hardt, who once did music for the OD when John was taking some time off (or something like that.)

Me: You did the music for the Open Door?
Him: Yeah, I did it once, and I've been there a couple of times, I thought you looked familiar.
Me: Hi, I'm Sarah Louise.

It was just nice to chair dance to some great music by some fine musicians.

Today I also got face painted: a red tulip.

More later, and yes, soon, pix from the Stuffies Sleepover. I PROMISE!!

Oh, and since Summer Reading is over and when I get back to Library Land it will be starting on Fall, the regular pink shoes are back, if I can get Blogger to cooperate...


alyssa said...

ohh fun! I like Like Summer. (say that 5 times fast) We've played with them a few times, they're fun. They're crowd is definitely slightly crazy though. :) ok, just very loud!

dan said...

hey sarah louise - this is dan from like summer. someone, on a random web search for all things like summer, i came across your blog! small world, huh?