Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why didn't you tell me?

(Rachel, upon the discovery that she still loves Ross)

It's The One before The One where Ross says Rachel's I actually saw a Friends episode I had never seen anymore. (It was the one where Monica and Chandler go to Las Vegas to invite Chandler's dad to their wedding.) I'm so excited! I didn't know there were episodes I hadn't seen. (Although that might have been the last one.)

And while I am so glad for all the mommies that are happy to be mommies, (and I really am--I'm not being cynical about that--I think it is SO COOL) I really don't want to write about my day. Um, would you want to write about a phone call you got at 6:30 pm from the researcher you spent the morning with? Asking, in her Scottish accent, I forgot to ask you: when did you start being depressed? (As in, what age?) And how many times have you been depressed, like more than 10, less than 20? Oh yeah, this is the kind of day I want to describe...

Except, I had lunch with Eileen. We talked about my favorite place, Poland. I think this will be a lasting friendship. We went to Taco Loco. And let me tell you, Mexican food is FILLING. I only had a burrito and I was SO FULL. I didn't even get flan, and I bet theirs is really good. I love flan.

I don't want to eat dinner at home, and I don't want to leave my apartment, because I have all 3 videos in the Complete Fifth Season of Sex and the City. (I've already watched two episodes.)

I found some stale pistachios the other day whilst cleaning my kitchen (I heard that laugh!) So I've been munching on them. This is the most pathetic post in the world.

Cleaned out the car, mostly. I only have eight or so magazines in the back seat, compared to the eight million that were there prior to 5pm today. Also, I found many dishes and forks and a few glasses...this cannot be my life.

The car goes for inspection tomorrow. Last night at K's birthday party people were complaining about how in PA you have to get it inspected every year. Well, I like that. I like that they have to prove that my car is safe enough to drive and not be a pollutant, etc. Don't be dissing my state! In Virginia, you have to pay a car tax. And it's like $3000 or something. So there.

So, it's 7:30. No more Friends -- I watched the 6pm and the 7pm. I could turn Sex and the City back on, but then I would have to eat the tortellini pesto in the freezer (oh don't get excited, it's just frozen Amy's). And of course, I ate OUT for lunch, so I should eat IN for dinner, and I don't really have a book I'm reading (except that yesterday for lunch I popped into Goodwill for a bit and picked up a copy of The Best Christmas Pageant I could read that.) And I have a ton of library books. Yes, an actual ton. There are 65 items out on my card at the moment. Yes, and it's just me! There are no books for other people on my card. Well, at least it's library books, not Manolo Blancos. At $400 a pop, I'd be right back in credit card hell.

Okay, so I'm...depressed. And I can't make up my mind. And I called a few folks that were not answering or napping...I just don't want to eat alone one more time.

Ugh. So, I'm off to Abaté. Tomorrow is another day, and I will be spending my morning answering questions like "Have you lost interest in things that you normally enjoy doing?" Don't become bipolar or depressed. Really. It's not a bowl of cherries.

Ah! But I am still in the midst of Eat Cake. The day has been saved. I think I'll take my registration down to the car when I go. Maybe it will be cool enough and I'll sit on the patio.

Because I KNOW I won't be able to do this forever.

Oh, and I'm switching the com mod off. It was an experiment. Done with that, now.


Sarah Louise said...

Hey look, a comment!

alyssa said...

yay! I hate waiting to see my comment appear!

Sarah Louise said...

You changed your picture!

and my vw is ejysa, which sounds like baby talk for alyssa...

Amy A. said...

I loved EAT CAKE! It was something nice for me to look forward to, too. I'm gonna go get the other Jeanne Ray books.

alyssa said...

I get bored with the same picture for too long :) wv: dvjwzi (babytalk for nothing that I know of!)

wilsonian said...

Loved your description of cleaning out your car. I need to do that tonight. Can't stand the squalor one more second. I should pop back afterward, and give you the list of what comes out LOL!