Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meeting Jesus in your emails...

Isn't that a great title?

My Yahoo! toolbar told me I had 4 new messages. Yay! I thought. No--they were one from the library, one from my Daily Page-A-Day calendar, and one from an online newsletter I've been too lazy to unsubscribe from, and one from Christianity Today Connection, titled "What (Not All) Women Want" which I thought--didn't I read this article somewhere? I had, indeed (last week on the CT website. But I didn't know the writer was from (think real fast, my favorite foreign country) Poland. I hadn't noticed that her name was Agnieszka.

Well, okay, so it's not a personal email, but I'll browse through her (convieniently linked) other articles. I read one on buying or not buying a cashmere sweater, and then pounced (yes, pounced) on this one, about one of my favorite writers, Ann Lamott. It's called, "Jesusy Ann Lamott: chatting with a born again paradox." READ IT!

I gotta go--the day is full, and yes, this afternoon will likely be another Season Six marathon as I try to ship shape this apartment in prep for vacation.

This morning I cried in prayer. God is really getting to me these days, and it is Good.


Carolyn said...

You are sounding much happier.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks. I am. But I am also butt-tired.

But who found fake Birky's at Walmart for $3?? And went to the bank, and got keys made, and went to AAA for Dad? And shopped for the vacation--a new toiletries bag.

But now it is BEDTIME!

John said...

Suzi, I think these two weeks and vacation are very important for you. Don't try to do too much because you're feeling better. Remember to rest, remember to be content. I know that's hard to do!

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks. I needed that reminder.

Lazy cow said...

Thanks for the Anne Lamott link. I LOVE her writing.
(So here's a personal email for your inbox - I HATE my generic mail)