Sunday, August 06, 2006

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.

(Eric Liddle in Chariots of Fire)

Well, for me, it's writing. BJ said I should write a memoir. He thanked me for being transparent. I said, well, I don't know any other way to be.

I worry sometimes. That I'm so transparent that people will read this and think THAT GIRL IS WHACK (which if you really know me, I mean in the non-online world, that's actually a pretty funny joke.) I worry that if people know who I really am, they won't like me. And I'll always be the bridesmaid, or going to other people's first birthday parties. Egad. (But I'm really excited about a first birthday party coming up, I won't say whose...)

So, this is bits and pieces, scraps and shards:

This morning, I was tired at the START of my walk. Um. Luckily in my arsenal (read: purse) I had Eat Cake, which is my current comfort book. I need to write the author a letter. I thought about the pistachio cake Babs and I made, which really was only good warm. So I walked and read. I almost bumped into a woman (or did she almost bump into me?). Some geezer was buying a Sunday paper from the newspaper box across the street. I've been thinking that with this extra time, it would be a good time to cut coupons, but I don't really want to read about how our mayor has lymphoma (front cover story).

So. I got to Tazza and Emily said, "Sarah Louise, right?" as she wrote up my order for tomato and cheese croissant. I got to ask her name, which I thought was a true gift. Emily and the other girl (the tall one whose name I don't remember...) will sit at the table when I'm with Babs and children. Well, if Terzo is one of those children, especially. So it was a special treat that Emily acknowledged me as not just "You're the one with Terzo."

So. I'm listening to gospel music. It is full of people swinging and swaying and saying things like "The Word of God for the People of God."

I played a game of Free Cell. It gives me such pleasure to win!!!

Yesterday I watched the end of Sex and the City. It was so good! I think I love Miranda best--she's a real fighter. But I'm the most like Carrie--the romantic.

I perused my site counter this morning--I had a visitor from Poland. It was to see my post on Elizabeth Shue...

...also, I had two green pin points on either side of Australia. And I am past the 11,000th visitor--when did that happen?

Last night, someone anonymous commented on a post from March, "Champagne Thursday," which I borrowed from the movie Failure to Launch:
"It's Champagne Thursday."
"But today is Friday."
"Thursday came twice this week."
Anoymous said I write like Sylvia Plath. Hmm. Haven't read much of her. I sort of avoid books that feature folks in mental health institutions. Babs was going to read the Bell Jar and tell me if it was worth trying.

Yesterday at the UP cafe I put a red pin on the map of Pittsburgh, delineating where my house lies.

I tried to add Eileen to my blogroll. I'll try again. I have more pix of the Sleepover. I have more pix in general.

Also, I need to come up with better blog names for sis and bro. Hmm, maybe those will work. Cuz Blackbird gets confused if I refer to sis as Middle and I imagine Babs gets confused when I refer to bro as Terzo. Maybe Sis and Mo, as in My Bro Mo. (I had a friend whose brother was Mo, actually.)

Other things rattling in my brain: the DOPA legislation. I mean, don't the initials make you think of dope? The link is to the YALSA Blog (Young Adult Library Services Association=Teens in the Library).

Okay, time to get off the chair and DO something...


catsteevens said...

What's a Tazza? Because that tomato and cheese croissant sounds delicious.

I don't know you at all, but I think if I really did (know you), I would like you. What's wrong with whack? makes life interesting.

Lazy cow said...

I liked Miranda the best too. She had balls (but not in the same way as Samantha!) Carrie was just too whiney for me, and I couldn't relate to Charlotte at all.

Sarah Louise said...

CS--Tazza is short for Tazza D'Oro, one of our neighborhood (WE HAVE TWO NOW!!) coffee shops.


LC--Oh I totally relate to Charlotte--I'm all about love and let's get married, etc. But yes, it is Miranda I respect the most. I couldn't really relate to Samantha until she got the cancer.

and my wv is almost ladyfinger!

PJ said...

You changed your shoes.

And by the way, all the best people are... umm... a bit whack.

Eileen said...

hey so guess what - I just learned how to "moderate comments" on my blog...

Wow I am a slow learner...

:o) Thanks for your comments - now I get to actually read them...

wow again... :o)

Eileen said...

Aww yay! I just actually read this post (I hadn't before I commented on my slowness) and yay you added me! Aww... :o) I like you... Now I'm going to get all sorts of cool people visiting my blog... oh shoot - that means I actually have to keep it updated... crap... :o)