Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A tribute to Hey Ya, Charlie Brown

It was getting embarrassing, the amounts of times I was visiting Urban Saddle to watch this U-tube, so I went and got my own account, so here it is:

The resolution is not as good as the one on US. I don't have the energy to go back to U-tube and see why that is...I love this video because I love the Peanuts characters. They are so human. I mean, don't we all have Charlie Brown days? And when Snoopy licks Lucy...classic! I like watching the kids dance and Linus and Sally stepping in tempo time (can you imagine having to do the animation--folks, this was before computers did all that!)

And I like this Outkast song--so you put the two together and it's like peanut butter and chocolate!!

Another interesting thing--I have to write this in the HTML mode on Blogger b/c otherwise the "Compose" mode eats up part of the HTML and the U-tube doesn't post.

I realize I haven't started writing about Christmas--all the cool kids are doing Christmas memes n'at. I just don't feel Christmasy yet--maybe tomorrow I'll bring up my tree (a tiny artificial table top tree that belonged to my grandma.)

But note that I changed the header to "a rum pa pum pum" (from "The little drummer boy.")


me said...

i love this little video. and yes, the peanuts characters. i love the 2 identical girls in pink at the front.

sis *e

Anonymous said...

This video totally just rocked my socks off!
I LOVE this video!

Sarah Louise said...

Here is an updated link: