Saturday, May 21, 2005

How I got here

About two years ago, on a Friday night, I answered the phone. There. That seems simple enough, something that might not get a girl into too much trouble. Now I have caller ID,something I highly recommend. If the phone says unknown or blocked call, I just don’t pick up the phone. I figure, if they don’t care enough to let me know who they are, they can leave a message or I don’t need to talk to them. Basically, there are two people I’m avoiding (an ex-friend and an ex-boyfriend), but neither of them have bugged me for at least six months, so I think I’m good. But these other sharks (and yes, that is not too harsh a word) call at anytime. They also sneak in through spam , and boy am I vulnerable there.

So now you’re wondering, who was it that called me on a Friday, two years ago? Some guys from Utah. Now, if it was Las Vegas, maybe I would have had more of an idea that this was not on the up and up. And frankly, I will never know if the guys I dealt with were really slime, or if they were just slippery. I got out when I realized I couldn’t take the toll on my time. I was building a web-site, one that they promised me would make me rich, and I was researching chick-lit books on the side at my job as a librarian. I woke up one day and said, gee, this isn’t really ethical, this isn’t really the sort of person I want to be…if I have a web-site, I want it to be something I do on my time, not my boss’s…so I quit.

I happen to be writing this in a Word document on a Saturday morning before I go into work…I gave myself 15 minutes on a kitchen timer to write this. I have to go into work later (well, like if I don’t get in the shower by 8:15, I’m not getting one, defines “later.”) So I have five minutes to wrap this up. I think I’ll just make some notes. I hope yins enjoy my blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, and tell your friends. I intend to be telling my story for awhile now.