Monday, December 04, 2006

More Psalms...

So, here it is, the seventh day in a row that I'm doing something work related. (It feels like it's the ninth day in a row...) And the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was email someone about something...

Something told me to STOP. So I picked up Tim Bott's exquisitely illustrated Psalms (someone special got it for me for my birthday--I said, how did you know? He said, when we were at Fox Books you only fawned over it for five minutes.) (Smiling, now, remembering that...) (Oh, he's married to someone else now, but it was a great moment in my life.)

So, I tend to make notes in books or put bookmarkers. Well, I would never write in this book unless it was to inscribe it for a gift, it is that exquisite. But I had bookmarked a page, so that's where I opened and it was like a megaphone to my life. (Psalm 127.)

The work of the builders is useless

It is useless for you to work so hard
from early morning until late at night
anxiously working for food to eat

For God gives rest to his loved ones.

(In the book, it's one of the ones he calligraphies, so it looks like the roof of a house.) This is one of my favorite Psalms. In my RSV Bible, which was given to me when I was confirmed in the Presbyterian church in seventh grade, this has a ton of dates. (I put dates by verses to mark when they hit me like a megaphone or when I'm praying them. I pray this Psalm a lot.)

Can you see why this would be a megaphone, on the seventh day of working in a row??? A few things in my life are not coming out the way I would want them to, and I have to remember that all my striving is useless "unless the Lord builds a house" for that thing in my life.

Humble pie, that's what I'll be having for breakfast. It's always better if you fix it yourself than if you eat it after making a face plant (BELIEVE ME ON THIS ONE.)

So, thanks for reading and I'll try to make sure I do something restful today...


Patrick said...

That's one of my favorite psalm verses too. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your favourite psalms....i need to read more.

Sarah Louise said...

SL, thanks for posting this. I needed it again, and again and again.

Anonymous said...

from one SL to another... thanks for being real. Have pity on my blog and be the first to comment. For the record, I'm new at this!