Thursday, December 07, 2006

Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink. (UPDATED!!)

(Lucy Van Pelt, in A Charlie Brown Christmas)

So, I've been stressed, I've been stretched. I am to the point of snarkiness. But look, it's snowing outside! And I don't have to be anywhere for...twenty minutes! So, for you, (and for me, because after all, it's ALL ABOUT ME) some Christmas/snow pictures. Enjoy. It's really coming down out there... I brought the tree up from the basement, put on Erasure (yes, they talk about snow and being cold and staying inside on there) and decorated.

It made me feel better, it did. Oh, look, it's really snowing, I just took a few more pictures!!

My skylight, blanketed with snow.

The view outside my window--my car, blanketed with snow.

The view outside my bathroom window--other roofs, blanketed with snow.

It's time to say goodbye to birthday flowers and the pincushion plant...

Mistletoe, need I say more?

Oh look, it's a Duralite tree! With ornaments and stuff! Can you find the nativity scene?

Here it is, close up. I have other pieces (a Baby Jesus, a Shepherd and a sheep) but they are huge compared to these pieces...

Shards of shells from South Carolina. Can you find the heart shaped shell?

The bird on the top of the tree.

What's a Christmas scene without a lit candle? (Yes, those are birthday cards--I don't have any Christmas ones yet, so deal with it!

These are actually from the lobby of the theatre at the Children's Museum on the North Side, but don't they look festive?

Snow on the Creasy's car, from the retreat.

A closeup of the tree at the South Side Works.

My aunt's tiny tree in South Carolina.

Snow on my car, a picture from a few days ago.

I thought there were some more pictures...I'll track them down later...

Oh, and drive safely! I did some slip sliding down a hill on the way to work and EVERYONE on Rt 8 was driving below the speed limit (and no one was complaining!). It's like a bad joke, How do you get Pittsburghers to drive the speed limit? Drop an inch of snow.


Paula said...

I am still working on the tree. We managed to get it into the house and put the lights and garland on it, perhaps the ornaments will make it on tomorrow.

Paula said...

Ooh, it's snowing here too!

Sarah Louise said...

I don't mean to brag, but I brought up the tree AND the ornaments AND my purse up to my third floor walk up in one trip.

I guess that is bragging...

oh, and the ornaments took about a half hour or less to put on.

Sometimes it pays to be single!

Lauren said...

ooh, pictures from Pittsburgh!! The houses look so BIG. And I love your skylight.

I hope there's some snow over Christmas.

Amy A. said...

I love your pictures! Thanks so much for showing your Christmas stuff. It has put me in the mood to get my stuff out. I've got to clean up the whirlwind of laundry and dishes first, though.

alyssa said...

Nice decorations! And hey, my car made the picture display! :)

Sarah Louise said...

Hey, get your car covered with snow in October, big things happen! You might have your car in a Christmas-y blog post!