Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wish List (things I'd blog about if I had time...)

...the difference between the kind of self improvement that is visual and the kind that doesn't meet the naked eye (while I am grateful I have never had real weight problems, getting saner isn't something you can measure tangibly. No one ever says, "wow, you lost a lot of emotional baggage, didn't you?") Please don't send hate mail!!

...seasons, folks, seasons. So what if last year I posted more pictures? I don't see blogging as a stand up routine, a performance. I see it as a relationship I keep building with myself and my 2.5 readers. Comparison, even with my own past stuff, is death.

...I'd post more pictures. I did take a picture of Lucy (from her good side) today while on an errand.

...the books I'm reading, have read, want to read. The Camel Bookmobile looked good but hasn't caught me yet. Consumer Reports Used Cars 2003 and 2006 aren't really what I consider thrilling, but very helpful. I've been rereading Unclaimed Treasures by Patty MacLachlan. I remember hearing her say that she'd write everything in italics if she could, because italics make the writing seem more important.

...I have started making collages again. I keep wanting to write about the art piece I did for Lent (um, that was in the Spring) on Simon of Cyrene, the stations of the cross.

Off to eat dinner.

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elena jane said...

i have a wish list, never got to post it yet, good idea....