Thursday, November 08, 2007

Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.*

I love Gmail. For many reasons. Today the reason is that it picked up on the "meets world" part of "Badger meets world" and so one of the ads was for a shirt that says "Everything I need to know in life was taught to me by Mr. Feeny." The ad featured this clip (God bless YouTube!).

I also like this t-shirt which says, "I am away from the computer right now." The sales copy reads, "Wear this shirt when you go out and people won't have to check out your away message to see your current status." At $6.95, I think this could be a great Christmas gift. My sister and I could have matching shirts. But I'll not buy it today, today I am "shopping like a Bradshaw" (Well, if you know my real last name, insert it where Bradshaw is now.) My father reminded me of a time when I purchased $200 shoes while shopping with Mr. Ten Years Ago. I DO NOT REMEMBER THAT AT ALL. (There are blessings to not remembering things.)

The point was, go look at the car, then go back. I think my car guru can go with me Saturday. My dad used his full array of quoting skills to preface telling me this. When Ford was elected President, after he said, I'm a Ford, not a Lincoln, he said, "Now we must have a blunt conversation among friends." (Of course, I am not so much in love with Google search at the moment, as I can't find the quote anywhere. But it's a good quote...)

The tears seem to have dried up. I have no guarantee they will stay at bay. I have clean dishes an hour I need to be wearing black at the LAC meeting (Library Advisory Council, which is all the directors.) I'm not presenting, I'm going as moral support for Karen, our fearless leader in all things Children Librarian here in Allegheny County (not the Carnegie Libraries, all the independent or "district" libraries.)

I haven't even eaten the whole of my breakfast, which is a piece of Labriola's pumpkin pie. Shame on me.

On shopping like a Bradshaw, a memory of Kiki's mom. We went shopping at Kaufmann's once, she was preparing to go on a cruise. I had never gone shopping with someone who didn't buy a thing!! This was years ago, and of course Kaufmann's is now Macy's, but I can still see us walking the halls of the downtown store, and me thinking, "Is she going to buy anything?" But my aunt was a shrewd shopper. So, that story makes more sense to me in the "shop like you're a descendant of Wocka-poppa."

I guess I'll go find some black clothes. I may call my therapist to see if she has extra time in the next day or so. (Where I am right now, more drugs won't help, says my psychiatrist.)

Go do good. And laugh a few laughs for me. I think laughter is a sub-set of prayer, which right now just makes me want to cry. Are you sure it's November?

This too shall pass.

*(William Daniels as Mr. George Feeny in Boy Meets World): Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.
Topanga: Don't you mean "do well"?
Mr. George Feeny: No, I mean "do good".

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KitchenKiki said...

When she was on a mission, she knew what she wanted & how much she was willing to pay!

I spent HOURS on a mission the other day and came back with out the objective. (though I did buy some cheesecloth because it was a good price & I had a coupon. I'm not sure if Mom would have done that or just gone back when she needed it)