Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Krakow...n'at

One year, my parents and brother and sister took a train to Krakow on Thanksgiving. It was raining. They went to a restaurant. It cemented in their mind as a memory.

So much so, that when I was screaming, a little over a week before the holiday, you want me to get a reservation for a restaurant on Thanksgiving, and my mother said, oh, I'm sure it won't be a problem...I remembered that the day previous, my father had waxed eloquently about that day and I said, to my mother, your memory, your imagining of a restaurant Thanksgiving, is in Krakow.

Um, last time I checked, Polish folks don't celebrate the AMERICAN holiday called Thanksgiving.


I am going to bed at 9:45 pm. I am EXHAUSTED. I almost forgot to post!!

Today at work felt like Saturday. You mean tomorrow IS Saturday? And I have to go to work?

Oh, right, I'm the girl that got two summer vacations this year, one to Montana and one to the Poconos. I'll shut up right now.


oh, and go see Enchanted. It is MARVELOUS. But PG--so more a Princess Bride than, say, Aladdin.

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Caro said...

I want to see Enchanted. Thanks for the reccomendation.