Tuesday, November 06, 2007

See you in May...(2nd edition, with links)

...we all said to one another, as we closed up the polls. The race we were all watching closely, Mayor of Pittsburgh, was a close one in our two polls (our polling location houses two polls.) [The incumbent won. But the "new guy on the block" gave him a run for his money.]

When I was in high school, I loved the quarterly croissant sales. For a week, you sat at a table, every day at lunch and the buzz you got off selling that many croissants for the greater good of the literary magazine--that is the kind of buzz I get off helping people vote.

"What's your name? What street do you live on? He's voter number 144. Here, hold onto this, Sheila will take you over to a machine. Have you used the machines before?" And after they've voted, "Did the machine thank you?" People cracking jokes, "The machine was very polite."

Reading material: Tuesday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. : All you need to know: the Steelers won, the Pens won (Monday night, both were blowouts.) (38-7, 5-0); The Promise (the book about the woman who was a real estate broker who sent a class of first graders to college) (Tina finished it by the end of the day); A Julie Garwood book (Liz was at the end of the table, so I don't know which one, except that she liked it and can't really get into Nora Roberts' books.); Eat Cake in the early part of the day (me, for the umpteenth time, it's my 'crisis book'*); Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (me, which I brought back after my evening break, and finished. It was a time travel that really needed a little more explanation, like an envelope at the end.); yesterday's Trib Extra, a free afternoon paper put out by the Tribune Review. Sheila tried to show me how to do a Soduku. Oh, and Sheila is a Silpada dealer,** so we all pawed through the latest catalog. I promised to have a party in January.

*Crisis book: a book that comforts me in a time of overwhelmedness, generally b/c the hero or heroine is going through more crap than I am at the moment, and suceeding at making lemonade out of lemons.

**Silpada: silver jewelery, very gorgeous.


Katy said...

yes, I know that internet search is my friend, but what is Silpada? It sounds like an appetizer, or the newest style of overpriced small-plate restaurant food.

Sarah Louise said...

Silpada is gorgeous silver jewelery. I linked it up so if you click on the word in the post, you can go to the catalog.