Sunday, November 18, 2007

I cannot live without books. (Thomas Jefferson)

Just finished Story of a Girl, by Sara Zarr. Wowza. Very similar in edginess, healingness of My life as a girl by Elizabeth Mosier. Books like these make me think, yeah, I could write one of those. And I'd like to correct some reviews: even though Sara Z. grew up in the town that is portrayed in SOAG, she clearly says it is not autobiographical. (I'll link that up later.)

I took a nap this afternoon, which is why I'm up now. I suppose this could count for my Sunday post, and it might just.

For now, it's off to brush the teeth again (I got the munchies and had some pretzels and pistacios). Midnight munchies brought to you by the letter P.

I might go to the movies tomorrow afternoon. Or not. I have videos from the library. Prime was a real Kleenex-by-the sofa movie, I'm hoping Birdcage is as funny as everyone says it is.