Tuesday, November 13, 2007

another tsunami Tuesday, I wish it was Sunday...*

Well, today is a big day. People (me or someone close to me) are doing these kinds of things:

  • going to a funeral, wondering how week-day parking is going to work at the teeny tiny parking lot at Bellefield. on the way, I'll get quarters at the laundromat so I can park in the nearby Pitt-owned parking lot.
  • (censored)
  • traveling to far off locales such as Holland (oh, Michigan, not the country.)
  • working a regular day (me and my mom and my sister.)
  • being thankful that Thanksgiving dinner has been found, reservations have been made--I knew my chiropractor's receptionist would know a place and she did!!

Friday is one of my favorite Pittsburgh traditions, Light Up Night. I'll have to play it by ear about actually going, though. They have fireworks, and ice skating, and, oh it is just the kind of thing I love. Lots of people trolling the streets...gingerbread house contests...


Oh, and for a wonderful post on Thanksgiving and a heart warming story about a boy, click here. (Dear Reader column, plus a link to pictures of crafts made by the boy.)


I dreamt last night that the friend who used to work at Fox books whose daughter is named Lucy was in Pittsburgh and we got to chat in a parking garage for a bit. It was so real that I forgot it was a dream until now. So hi, T, if you are reading!


Still listening to WOW Hymns. Music is such a healing force. Here's a link to the story behind "It is well with my soul."


The playlist for my birthday fĂȘte:

  • Bob James, Touchdown (the theme to the show Taxi is the first cut)
  • Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Harvest Home
  • Steve Tyrell, A New Standard. (Everyone asked about this one, Tyrell is WONDERFUL. I think this album is how I got into listening to standards.)


I just realized something. I blog the way some people smoke. It helps me relax. So take this as an episode of me nervously chain-blogging as I deal with the stimuli around me.

*paraphrase of Manic Monday, which I had forgotten Prince wrote for the Bangles.


Badger said...

Now see, for me a day that involved (censored) would be a good day. But perhaps my (censored) and your (censored) are not the same thing. Hee!

Sarah Louise said...

You guessed right...