Friday, November 30, 2007

We've only just begun...

BUT IT IS THE END!!! Goodbye NaPoBloPo.

If I thought October was bad, November had fangs. I will be glad to start a new month tomorrow and sometime this weekend call an old friend (she's a long time friend who IS older than me) whose birthday is Sunday.

Tonight Marian (the Librarian) and I went to see Max play (oh, and some teenagers sang Christmas carols to his playing) and then to the mall, because it has a food court and our dinner pre-concert had been half a breakfast sandwich each. (It was all we had time for pre-concert.)


I am so so tired. Nay, exhausted.


Oh, the latest on the car--the key doesn't like to come out of the ignition. The lady at the auto parts shop said for a car my age, a new ignition costs $15. Okay, I'll add that to the list I'm making for the dealership. I'm looking for a bouncer type man to go with me when I read them the riot act and say, here, take my car for a while and FIX SOME THINGS!


NH Sally and I decided we're going to start a new greeting card line for cards like:

*You're dealing with this as well as a person without bipolar would
*Congratulations, honey, on your first period.

There should be at least three, but I'm too tired to come up with a third. Hey, that's what the comment box is for! For one last time in November, or if you're reading this on Saturday, for the first time in December, let's be interactive in the comment box!


Katy said...

how about "Congratulations, ma'am, on your last period" or "At least you didn't actually get hit by a Mack truck" or "It all works out in the end, if its not ok, its not the end."

I fear that I may be missing the mark here.

daysgoby said...

Some conditioner and a little makeup and you'll be JUST FINE!

Honestly, the baby's too young to remember being left in the store.

Congratulations on your first chest hair! (don't guys need a puberty card too?)

Sarah Louise said...

how bout, "Sorry your boss found out about your blog."

(Blogger is now blocked for anything but reading/commenting on our work computers.) (Which I'm sure is not personal to me, but was a good reminder of what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing at work--you know, work...)

the baby got left at the store? (ack!)

yes, an entire line on male puberty and male midlife:

"Instead of a foxy car, I got you this foxy card. Happy Midlife Crisis, please don't turn me in for a trophy wife."

Wow I'm sarcastic this morning...

"I know it seems like nothing will be good again..."(and you open it, it sings a line from Donna Summer's version of MacArthur park.) "but here's the cake recipe"

daysgoby said...

No one really looks at your shirt anyway....

Honey? I found something in the jelly today...

Did you know the doctor has a special tool to remove marbles out of noses? Welcome back, hon. How was the conference?

(Really must go - two children are intent on throwing me in the car, pajama pants or not...)