Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday I'm in love

...or not.

I was going to post pictures, but there's been some sort of glitch and the software that brings in my photos is somehow not on my computer anymore.

And I'm NOT in the mood to fix it now.

Max is out of town til after Thanksgiving, but he did leave me a key for his apartment. I miss him so. Ah, he is a sweet man. I might go sit in his living room just to channel him or something.

This morning I get to talk to the husband of the woman who hit my car. Yes, the woman who hit my car is still just a voice on the phone, I may never even meet her...he'll meet me at work before work. So I'll go to the chiropractor a little earlier. Yum.


Let's change it up, shall we? I haven't gone for a walk for ages and today is not going to be the first. I'll put it on my calendar for Sunday, okay?

I was going to change it up to a better mood, a more thankful position. Let's try again.


I'm thankful that I can take a shower. Which I'm going to do, right now.

Tonight: Light up Night. I'll probably go, it's my favorite holiday traditon.

Tomorrow: a day of Rest and Renewal with the OD folks--oh how I need this!!


Oksanna Bauil is thirty today--oh wow. I AM getting old.


I'm thankful that librarians don't have to wear ice skates to work. It would be sort of difficult unless the floor became an ice rink...

This being thankful thing isn't going so well. Off to get that shower...

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